What is cataphoresis?

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Cataphoresis bases and featuresBasics


Cataphoresis bases and features

The cataphoresis is a paint applying method that uses electric current to coat. The process is based on the opposites attraction principle.
The main cataphoresis physic principle is that the materials with opposite electric charge attract it between itself. This system applies a DC charge to a metal component that is immersed in a paint bath with opposite charge. The paint particles are attracted to the metal component and the paint forms a uniform coat. The process continues coating all the component surface till the coat thick is the required, then the electric charge ends and the attraction too.

El proceso de pintura por el método de cataforesis ofrece productos duraderos, de alta calidad y de elevada resistencia a la corrosión, básicamente es un sistema de pintura automatizado que aporta una excelente acabado de una imprimación anticorrosiva.

Cataphoresis process diagramDiagram


Cataphoresis step by stepStep

Pretreatment areaPretreatment

In this area it produces the components surface treatment processes so it has several zones with the necessary equipment for applying treatment solutions. The washing and the micro-crystalline phosphate coating are essentials to achieve the correct grip on the metal and to bring strength and anti-corrosives properties.
It eliminates all the dirt on the component surface, mainly organic waste (oils, greases,..)
First washing2
It eliminates the degreasing remains and avoid the phosphate bath contamination.
Tuned up3
It coats the component with little particles which will realize the crystallization cores for the correct phosphate coat.
Micro-crystalline phosphated4
It coats the component with little crystals phosphates to raise the component grip for the paint. Also it is used like an anti-corrosion barrier.
Second washing5
It eliminates the excess of coat that has not reacted during the bath.
Demineralized water washing6
It eliminates any excess of chemical products that has not reacted, in addition eliminates the remains of the previous water salts.

Cataphoresis paintingCataphoresis

In the cataphoresis tank, it applies a defined voltage to produce an e-coating on the component. When the component has the require coat thick, the current disappear and the coating start to end.

The cataphoresis bath give us durability and corrosion resistance, also it brings color and shine.
Post cataphoresis washes
It elimitates non e-coated paint to maintain the efficacy and get the component correct finish. The paint excess returns to the tank so the efficiency gets a 95%.

Reticulated or cured ovenReticulated

During this step the coat gets its final properties.

Cataphoresis features and advantagesFeatures

The cataphoresis can be used like primer or finish.
Its main difference with other finishing processes consists in its high protection, grip and corrosion resistance grade. It achieves a uniform coat and great grip which guaranties a correct coating even in holed and interior components. The final product will have a great anti-corrosion and mechanic deformation resistance.
Completely automated and reliable process
Less costs in relation with other finish processes.
Free heavy metals paint.
High compatibility with other paints (Liquid or powder paints).
High compatibility with other industrial finish: hot or cold galvanizing, zinc plating, etc.
It can be applied to several metallic substrates although the carbon steel obtains the best results.
High penetration.
Better coating in complex geometry components.
Aesthetical value.
Excellent levelling.
Excelente chip resistance.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Great thick uniformity on the final coat, even in interiors and difficult to paint areas.
The e-coating apply (Cataphoresis) in combination with pre-treatment processes can guaranty long term corrosion protection.
SSC (Saline spray chamber) > 800 hours (cataphoresis).
Great mechanical deformations resistance (impacts, bending).
Excellent grip on any substrate, even galvanized. (GT 0).
Ecological process: 100% materials efficiency, low solvents content (VOC) and emissions, no heavy metals content, etc.

Duplex System (Cataphoresis + Powder Coating)Duplex System

Duplex System DiagramDiagram


What is duplex system?What is?

Is a common combined practice in some industries like the automotive, when it requires high anti-corrosion resistance.
The powder coating and cataphoresis complements each other increasing the corrosion and gravel resistance. It offer the possibility to choose different colors and bring a good UV rays resistance (it depends of paint type).

In Esymo metal both processes are automatized and integrated in the same production line so it brings great productive and quality advantages.

Powder Coating ApplyPowder Coating

The powder coating process is a thermosetting or thermoplastic electrostatic applying of paint. It is presented in little particles which are electric charged to coat the metal component.

The powder coating has a wide range of colors, consistencies, textures, flexibilities, hardness, edge coating and smoothness.

Polymerized OvenPolymerized

The coated component is polymerized or cure after this process.

Extra featuresFeatures

100% environmentally.
Excellent impact, abrasion and wear resistance.
Great anti-corrosion protection
S.S.C. > 1000h (cataphoresis).
Variable thickness.
Inclemency resistance (Good U.V. protection)
Finish paint with color, textures and brightness options.

Quality ControlQuality

In our lab we realize physics and chemical controls over every process steps and the final product. It guaranties the best work parameters which bring us the best quality for the final product.

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