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Need your company an industrial welding service to manufacture quality components?

Have you curiosity about how it works and its advantages like a manufacture process?

In this article we show you what is welding and how it works.

What is welding?Who is?

The welding is a manufacture process which main objective is merge two or more components in one piece, usually metal components.

This process works by adding to the components an auxiliary material and when it melts, it produces a melted zone that merge the components into one.

The merge between the components can be achieved by pressure or electric current (melt). In this case it is named resistance welding.

Welding AdvantagesAdvantages

The industrial welding can merge the components strongly and permanently.

Is a cheap manufacture method respecting to other where it have to make holes in the components to merge it by nuts and screws or rivets.

By an auxiliary welding material with appropriate properties we can make the merge stronger than the original components provided that applying the correct processes.
Soldadura Industrial Esymo Metal

Welding professionalsEsymo metal

In Esymo metal we have highly qualified and experience staff, in addition with the best equipment of industrial welding. All of this to offer the customers the best service in challenging sectors like the automotive sector.

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