Laser cut – Steel

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Laser cut – SteelLaser cut

Corte Laser Acero
Corte laser acero

Industrial cutting typesCutting Types

There are many metal cutting technologies and methods like water jet cut, industrial components lathing or laser cut.

In this article we are going to tell you all the advantages that the steel laser cut has. The steel is one of the most used materials in the renewable energy, automotive or food industries.

The laser cut is one of the most advanced and accurate method that can be used to achieve a perfect finish in every forms and sizes.

What is laser cut?What is?

The laser cut uses a high power laser to focus a light beam on the surface which is going to be cut.

This light beam focus a high energy in a single point which heats up to the extend that it melts while an assistance gas clean the melted material zone.
Corte Laser Acero
Corte laser Esymo metal
Corte laser Esymo metal
Corte laser Esymo metal
Corte laser Esymo metal

Steel laser cut advantagesAdvantages

The laser cut highlights because of its quality, high accurate finish and high productivity. In addition its great versatility let it cuts metal sheets from a 0,10 mm to 30 mm thick.

All of this advantages become the laser cut into the most recommended method by the metal industry.

What can Esymo metal do for your company?Esymo metal

In Esymo metal we have a large experience in manufacture and surface treatment of industrial metal components.

Contact us if you need more information about steel laser cut. It will be a pleasure offer you the best solution for your company.
Corte laser Esymo metal
Corte laser Esymo metal
Corte laser Esymo metal

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We will be happy to assist you and inform you about all our services as well as advise you on which is the ideal solution for your company.

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