Industrial Machining

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Industrial MachiningIndustrial Machining

Need your company an industrial machining service to manufacture quality components?

Have you curiosity about how it works and its different types?

In this article we show you what is industrial machining and how many types exist.

What is industrial machining?types of cut

The industrial machining is a manufacture process which is generally used for metal components with a size and form determined. It begin with a raw metal and by industrial processes it is transformed into the designed component.

CNC Industrial machiningWho is ?

The machining has been developing constantly until these days. Esymo metal uses the CNC machining, which is the last technology in this area.

CNC machining process uses computer controlled software which automates machining tasks and reducing the human intervention.

With this advanced process, it manufactures high accurate components and it raises exponentially the productivity.

The CNC machining is the ideal solution for such accurate and demanding industries like automotive, aerospace or rail sectors because of these advantages.
Mecanizado Industrial

CNC equipmentAdvantage

There are two types of CNC machines: vertical or horizontal. According to the component complexity, it can has 3, 4 or 5 axis.

The difference between horizontal and vertical machines is the spindle position.

Also, there are different sizes of equipment in reference to the component size.

Vertical machining centersEsymo metal

The vertical machining centers work with a rotating head that executes the machining processes to the component. It is placed top to the component working from up to down.

In addition the workbench which can moves through the X and Y axis which added to the spindle axis perform a three axis machining.

This types of machining center are used to manufacture flat, indentationed or holed parts as well as casts or patterns.

Horizontal machining centersAdvantage

The horizontal machining centers place the axis on the side to execute one component machining in different parts.

This type of machining can use 3 or 4 axis movements, each one in different directions, it let it a tridimensional treatment of the component.

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