Cold stamping

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Cold stampingStamping

Your company need a cold stamping service to manufacture quality components?

Have you curiosity about how cold stamping works and its different types?

In this article we show what is cold stamping and how it works.

What is stamping?What is?

Stamping is a manufacture process that make components by deforming it, usually it been used in steel, aluminiun alloys or copper placed in a die.

This process can be performed in two ways, by heating the component until an incandescent temperature (hot stamping) or by ambient temperature (cold stamping).

How cold stamping works?Functioning

To realize it, it prepares two casts which are adapted dies for the require form of the final finish. The material goes inside those casts and it suffer a high pressure. This pressure can be mechanic or hydraulic. The require pressure depends of the size and the material.

It is worth highlighting the excellent stamping results that obtain by any method (punching, metal sheet cutting, bending and stretching deformation)


Cold stamping is generally used for not very large components.

Is very usually the metal sheets manufacture by this method, in this case it is called forming because of the deformation that achieve in the process.

Automotive is the principal sector that use this products, it uses those for car bodies. These components are manufactured by flat metal sheets which are bended and formed through several successive process.

What materials can be used in cold stamping?Materials

This process can be performed on several metals, mainly steel, stainless steel, aluminiun, bronze, copper and brass.

By this method it can become these metals in perfect molded components with very fine finish and high quality. This is ideal for the architecture or automotive sector.

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